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PIVO Spring (Mar-Apr '23)  Futsal

Spring 2023
Mar 8 ’23
Apr 26 ’23

PIVO Spring

PIVO Spring is for players that are looking to continue their skill development by practicing and playing futsal during the spring.

PIVO (PEE-vo) Futsal Academy is a skills-based soccer and futsal training program with a structured curriculum. All players in the program will be challenged in a positive way to develop self-confidence and an improved skill-set. We offer multiple levels in order to find the right pace of learning and level of challenge for each player.

Pivo is the Portuguese word for the center forward and play maker in futsal. For us, PIVO also stands for creating "Players with Intelligence and Vision while On the ball" (our mission).

Players receive PIVO Belts based on improvement and attainment of certain measurable levels of achievement on their path to #BeAFutsalNinja.

Each 7 week course is only $175 and includes a free training shirt. Players with an occasional scheduling conflict are welcome to make up a session on a different day or time (please check the PIVO calendar for available sessions).

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