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What are the Covid Protocols?

We are taking the coronavirus and the safety of your children, your family, and our coaches seriously. Here are our Covid Protocols:

  • If you're sick, stay home.
  • If you've been in close contact with someone who is sick, or have any reason to believe you may be able to infect others, please stay home.
  • Everyone must do a temperature check upon arrival (there's a infrared thermometer at the top of the stairs by the entrance). You should not enter if you have a temperature over 100. We also ask you to use the hand sanitizer at the check in station.
  • Wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times in the facility. There may be times when coaches or players need to remove their masks for effective communication.
  • Players should hang their bags on a hook along the wall.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop off and stay in their cars or run errands. They are permitted in the lounge upstairs, if they follow the above (temp check, hand sanitize, mask, social distancing).
  • During the session, there should be no sharing of water and contact with other players or coaches should be avoided.
  • We've made other adjustments to mitigate risk: limiting class sizes, designing timing and flow of players coming and going to limit exposure, location of the belt ceremonies, increased sanitizing & cleaning, and structure of the course itself.

We want to stay open and keep everyone healthy. Please help us by doing your part!

Which level should I choose?

PIVO is primarily focused on individual skills, so players don't all have to be on the same level, but it helps. Read the descriptions and go with your gut -- you can always switch sections later.

What should players wear & bring?

Futsal is usually played on a hardwood basketball court or sport court. The best footwear is futsal shoes, or indoor soccer flat shoes, but any gym shoes or running shoes will work (running shoes can be slippery on hardwood though).

Players should wear their PIVO shirt (given out on the first day) shorts, shin guards. 

Bring water and weather appropriate clothes for entering and leaving the building. To keep your shoes and our floors clean, we request that you wear slides or other shoes and change into your futsal shoes once inside.

We provide the futsal balls.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

Yes, as long as you cancel at least 24 hours before the first day of the course, we'll issue a full refund.

Your logo is really cool with the "V" like a shield and a ninja mask and the throwing star over the I.

Thank you. Great question.

Can I transfer my registration to another night?

Yes. Email us at and we can move your registration.

We can't attend several of the sessions. Is there a drop-in option?

If a class is not full, we will allow drop-ins, paid in advance. Please contact us at to make arrangements. 

If I have to miss a class, can I attend on a different night?

Yes. For example, if you sign up for Tuesdays, but you have a conflict one week and want to come on Wednesday instead, you can. Just let your coaches know your plans and make sure you go to the right location. 

I have a conflict with several sessions. Is there a drop in option or a prorated fee?

If you want to join a PIVO course and you know in advance that you'll need to miss 2 or more sessions, let us know and we'll credit your account. Here's how it works:

  1.     Parent signs up for the course and pays for it in full online.
  2.     Parent lets us know the sessions they will miss.
  3.     We add a credit of 25 dollars/class to your account.
  4.     You can use this credit for future PIVO courses.

Other questions?

Please contact us at and we'll do our best to answer your question and maybe even post it here for the enlightenment of others.

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